I might catch some flack for keeping these choices to the past decade or so, but trust me, if you’re looking for an excellent collection of garage rock tracks from the 60’s and 70’s, there are many far more knowledgeable people to cover that era better than myself (or you could always download the excellent “Nuggets” collection). So, in putting together a collection of tracks from the current garage rock revival, I stuck with the well knowns and peppered in some lesser knowns because this is a genre that is huge and loaded with bands that I’m completely unfamiliar with. Several of the bands on this mix fall into multiple genres, so I tried to stick with the songs that fit the current theme. Use this as a guide to decide if you like and if so, seek those bands out.

So with that being said, here’s a mixtape of songs from bands that were the inspiration for, inspired by, or the epitome of the modern scene generally referred to as Garage Rock.

PLAYLIST: (individual tracks have links, full mixtape link at bottom)

  1. the fresh & onlys – UNTIL THE END OF TIME
  3. the black keys – BROOKLYN BOUND
  4. the dirtbombs – CHAINS OF LOVE
  5. billy childish & holly golightly – IN BLOOD
  6. black rebel motorcyle club – WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MY ROCK & ROLL
  7. catwalk – (PLEASE) DON’T BREAK ME
  8. the white stripes – YOU’RE PRETTY GOOD LOOKING (FOR A GIRL)
  9. the (international) noise conspiracy – A NORTHWEST PASSAGE
  10. jay reatard – IT AIN’T GONNA SAVE ME
  11. vivian girls – WHERE DO YOU RUN TO
  12. japandroids – YOUNGER US
  13. mando diao – DOWN IN THE PAST
  14. the horrors – COUNT IN FIVES (DEMO)
  15. the kills – MONKEY 23
  16. the gaslight anthem – GREAT EXPECTATIONS
  17. dum dum girls – BLANK GIRL
  18. the strokes – TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT
  19. the greenhornes (feat. holly golightly) – THERE IS AN END

(download) Catching Up With The Garage Rock Revival

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